Infront and behind the badge

Diary of Captain Hunter/Mercy
I'm Sirius police man who keep the peace in Sirius with my badge, but behind that badge is the other face of that pilot. He is proud Coalition fighter who is sent to get in enemy territory, get info, stay there and wait for new orders. Captain Hunter is the law in Sirius sector, with the help of Admiral Forlon who gives orders, he helps me to become better in my duty. it's true that i rarely get in combat with pirates rare, mostly i hunt down the big prey, the SMUGLERS, guys who have a lot of money but don't like to pay the fine :D
But when Admiral Forlon, my commander is here (yes, he is from other police clan, but he is one of my mentors) and gives me orders, it's my duty to get the job done. With his help and support we hunt down the scum of Sirius, the PIRATES. They are more numerous than our police officers, but we are more united than the pirates, we fight them until they fall back, we strike them with everything we have, we enforce the law.
This is one usual day of Captain Hunter, Sirius police :)
But when i put my badge on the table, i pick up the phone that rings and then i get my orders from my Commander in Coalition HQ. The orders are clear and same as every day. Get in Inner Core and strike the intruders with full power. But this is not a mission for a lone pilot, you need the support of the others Coallition members there. One of them who is proud with it is the pilot Senior Lieutenant Ajay, he is always ready to kick some alien ass. In our battle outpost - Mitrak station in Weth system - Ajay is not the only pilot, there are also IOC agents and even freelancers who are ready to fight shoulder to shoulder against the invaders in our galaxy.
This is one usual day of Captain Mercy, Coalition fighter :)

Always have a thought for those you care about. That way they will never be forgotten even after they are gone.

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