Diary of Ajay. More than 5 months from X-ray day. "Out from Holster".

Sector Sirius. Oasis system. Orion Outpost. Ship hangar 19-Alpha. CNS I-939 "Stranger" Basilisk-class Space Superiority Fighter.
I had woken up in my ship's cargo bay, where I had set up small living place - it was cheaper that rent both the room and hangar on station. Quickly getting sonic shower and wearing up - uniform, cap, glasses and gyrojet in the holster - and other morning stuff. Well, another crappy day.
I left cargo bay and headed to the cockpit, and checked my messages input folder. It was empty, and I haven't hoped else.
Well, now I am completely feel lost. Nobody ever cared about me... and I haven't noticed it upon now?
But wait. I am actually left here "for emergencies" by my command. Those emergencies usually are friendly pilots that need additional firepower in Inner Core. Now I am just waiting here for any such an emergency.
And... Wait. Just wait.
What did I do in Vega when I was just waiting for mission?
Right, I was fighting with Outcasts and Corsairs. I wasn't sitting on my arse doing nothing.
And Outcasts are exactly the bastards I can find there. So I took a electronic pad and connected the mission bureau. Well, there is one, 950K. Outcasts. Darn good. Pushing "Accept", strapping myself on the pilot seat and activating dock lifters that quickly put my ship into the launch pad, and from there - to launch airlock. Manipulators have put my ship inside docking bay and voice of station dispatcher said:
-CNS I-939 "Stranger", start launch sequence.
I clicked several switches, and pre-recorded voice that I haven't heard for a weeks, began to speak:
-Подождите... Ожидаем авторизации... Личность подтверждена, _______ И.И.- кодовое имя Аджай. Проверка систем.
Жизнеобеспечение работает.
Системы радара, РЭБ и связи активированы.
Проверка идентификационных кодов завершена.
Двигатели и ускорители в норме.
Орудийные системы готовы.
Ракетная установка "Немезида" заряжена.
Торпедная установка "Солнцеубийца" ожидает цели.
Блокиратор движения "Москит" готов к запуску.
Установка самонаводящихся мин "Раскрытие" готова к постановке.
Ложные тепловые цели инициализированы.
Щит "Чемпион-у" готов к запуску.
Доступ к батареям щита и наноботам готов.
Системы управления инициализированы.
ВНИМАНИЕ: в системах корабля установлено неизвестное устройство. Обновление... Стелс-устройство готово к запуску.
Чайный пакетик заряжен в кружку, чай будет готов в ближайшее время.
Список воспроизведения загружен в плейер CoalAmp.
CNS "И-939 Бродяга", истребитель космического превосходства класса "Василиск" полностю готов к взлету.
-Please stand by... Awaiting authorisation... Pilot confirmed, _______ I.I, Codename Ajay. System check.
Life support working.
Radar, ECM and uplink systems activated.
FFI codes check completed.
Engines and thrusters fine.
Weapon systems ready.
"Nemesis" missile launcher loaded.
"Sunslayer" torpedo launcher awaiting target.
"Mosquito" CD ready for launch.
Homing "Revelation" mines ready to be dropped.
False heat targets initialised.
"Adv. Champion" shield is ready to launch.
Access to nanobots and shield batteries is ready.
Piloting systems initialized.
WARNING: Unknown device is detected in the ship's internal systems. Updating... Cloaking device ready.
Teabag is loaded to cup and tea will be ready as soon as possible.
CoalAmp music player playlist loaded.
CNS "I-939 Stranger" "Basilisk"- class Space Superiority fighter is completely ready to take off.)
-CNS I-939 "Stranger", you are clear to launch. Good luck.
-Well, it's time to rock and roll... - I said to myself, selecting a waypoint and setting the autopilot course.

"Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
-Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".