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lost char

lost char server crash, or look like server crash.

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Error message

  1. look like the server crash, AV windows defender popup said freelance crossfire 2.0 blocked.(windows defender IS NOT RUNNING, TURN OFF ??? )
:sos: loss char CAPT.JUSTIN-1. SERVER CRASH, OR HAPPEN LIKE THE SERVER HAD CRASHED AS IT HAS DONE IN PASS. THIS TIME WAITING FOR SERVER TO COME BACK, 10 MIN AND DIDNT. Restarted or refresher , 3 time didn't help. found a pop-up box that said freelancer had been block at the fire wall by windows defender, WINDOWS DEFENDER IS NOT RUNNING ON MY COMPUTER. TRENT IS HANDALING THAT, But had to check the box to allow in windows defender anyway to get to server. it load the account for CAPT.JUSTIN-1, But the char was not there. Restarted freelancer, no help. the char was still missing :salutes