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Can't set color depth

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Had to replace my V-Card and reinstall FL recently, and encountered following issue: I can't set resolution and color depth in options. The default 800 x 600 keeps returning in the options, though I edited PerfOptions.ini manually for 1280 x 1024. Note that it just appears as 1280 x 1024, not 1280 x 1024 x 16 as it should have been.
There also was low-res textures issue which was fixed by January 2018 patcher. Thanks a lot, OP!
Also ENB series shader keeps crashing and SweetFX lags.
I tried to write my new graphics card as described in "how to avoid graphic problems while playing CF". The problem is, GPU-Z shows that the card has four sets of numbers, not two as described in there - two IDs separated by a dash. I wrote second part of each as a separate entry into that file, both as "Radeon RX 560 Series", no effect.

Other than that, FL seems to run smoothly. Didn't spend enough time online to be sure though.