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Account banned (Reason unknown)

My account was banned shortly after buying a new ship in Custodian, noticed I could not damage enemies briefly before this occurred.

Error message

  1. I'm sorry, but the account that you entered has been banned from the server. Please choose another account and try again.
My account and character (SkepticDuo) was banned from the Crossfire server shortly after I purchased a new ship (Titan) in the Custodian system. It's less than two days old, and i'm trying to rediscover Freelancer again after being away from it for several years.

Minutes before I was banned, I noticed I could not damage any NPC characters, and then I was disconnected and banned.

I can give my multiplayer ID in a private message if I need to, not sure how big a deal account theft is but better safe than sorry. Even if it is only two days old.

I read in an earlier thread that it could be my freelancer installation, admittedly I used a pre-packaged install folder so i'm going to try mounting an image and installing from scratch, after using CCleaner. I appreciate any help in advance, thank you.
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