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Trapped in Trenton Outpost's Bay #1

Upon login I find my character trapped in a box (looks like the inside of the bay) and unable to leave.

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Steps (optionally)
Login and select character Mesachie_Mandy.

Error message

  1. [No message]
Upon login I selected my character Mesachie_Mandy and found myself inside [lexicon]Trenton Outpost[/lexicon]'s Bay #1 and unable to leave. All 6 sides are solid walls. F3 Dock doesn't function. F1 Switch Character doesn't function. F1 Exit doesn't function so I had to perform a cold restart of my system to get out of the game.

I followed the instructions at [url='http://swat-portal.com/forum/index.php/Thread/23100-How-to-avoid-grafic-Problems-while-playing-Freelancer/']How to avoid grafic Problems while playing Freelancer
[/url] and added my graphics card to the file. I logged in afterward and found Mesachie_Mandy is the same predicament, bound by the same constraints.

[Previously] I once logged in and found Mesachie_Man in a similar situation at Willard Station, but in that instance one of the walls wasn't solid so I was unable to fly out of the bay and play the game. Such is not the case with Mesachie_Mandy; all 6 walls appear solid.

I had hoped to ask one of the other players to dock with Trenton Outpost's Bay #1 (to see if that would open the bay door that I might fly out that way) but no one else was is Sirius.

Is there a way Mesachie_Mandy can be rescued? Many thanks, MM