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BS turrets crashing server?

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When I fired normal BS (have Kussari) turrets on my GR char ( [GR]Forlon(NY) - Yaggrasil ), it ended with server crash. Is weird that after one shot there is like echo when are heard 3 shots instead one. I tried fire only one turret at time and was fired one projectile and sound was there 3 times (echo). First server crash was when I fired all 10 turrets, second crash was when I tried fire only one turret/time (wanted check why is this echo there). Will not use it again till checked.

EDIT: tested my another char and this "echo" is there also for another (normal) char with different turrets loadout ... tried two different turrets types and both had "echo" ... why? Please check. Not want check more and crash server again.

Echo= 1 shot, 3x shot sound