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Strike EMP Mine Dropper

Forwared from „Strike Mine“

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  • The best EMP Mine available on the market.
    == Description ==
    Strike EMP Mine Dropper: This new EMP mine is the most powerful on the market, detonating with such a powerful blast that the energy drain on the victim can drain all but the toughest shields in one blast. This mine is regarded as the mine to take into the Omicron, Sigma, Tau, and Omega systems.

    == Ammunition ==
    Strike EMP Mine: This is the most powerful Mine on the market.
    • Hull Damage Per Shot: 81
    • Shield Damage Per Shot: 10.106
    • Top Speed: 60 m/s
    • Explosive Range: 16 m
    • Cost: $6.024
    == Additional Informations ==

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