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Bullpup MK II

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  • Second step in the Bullpup series.
    A throwback to old designs, the Bullpup is a stout ship nevertheless. No engineer has claimed responsibility for the design, but many factions are seeking to use the ship for their armadas. This is the next step in the Bullpup series.

    • Gun/Turret Mounts: 6/0
    • Armor: 12.000
    • Cargo Space: 80
    • Max Batteries/NanoBots: 70/70
    • Optimal Weapon Class: 8
    • Max. Weapon Class: 10
    • Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD/T
    Note: Can use 6x 10 lvl guns!

    Price: $8.240.713

    Where to buy:

    • BullpupMkII.jpg

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