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Repair Ship

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  • <table cellspacing="5px"><tr><td><img src="http://www.swat-portal.com/CFdev/img/repshipcf_mip0_ergebnis.png" width="100px" height="100px" border="0px" /></td><td valign="top">Very useful supporting vessel which is able quickly repair bigger ships.</td></tr></table>

    Table Of Contents

    With the hazards of business, commerce, expansion, and exploration, ships sustain damage. These units are part of the damage control team.
    • Guns/Turrets: 0/0
    • Armor: 25.000
    • Cargo Hold: 600
    • Max Batteries/NanoBots: 7.500/7.500
    • Optimal Weapon Class: 0
    • Max. Weapon Class: 0
    • Additional Equipment:
    • Repair Laser Forward firing short range laser - have shield damage and hull repair abilities.
    Repair Ship
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