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  • mysterious creatures which live in the Boötes Dwarf galaxy
    Dom'Nepesh are mysterious creatures which live in the Boötes Dwarf galaxy. It seems like they were the ones that started the war against the Dom'Kavash thousands of years ago.

    == HISTORY ==
    Human investigation about them can be read HERE.

    == TYPE ==
    Alien race

    == HQ ==
    Base in C/6 Jormdar (Best Guess, only one of this type of base.)

    == ARMAMENTS ==
    • Tachyon weapons like is Nyses'o Blaster (strong vs. Molecular, weak vs. Positron)
    • Graviton shields

    == SERVANTS ==
    • Savages (they became Dom'Nepesh servants after they lost their war with the Dom'Nepesh)

    == ENEMIES ==
    == BASES ==
    Bases in D/3, E/3Venn
    Bases in D/4, E/4,DE/5,D/5-6, C/6Jormdar
    Bases in E/3, C/4, B/5, EF/5Sadurn

    == PRESENCE ==
    After the Dom'Nepesh invaded the Inner Core Sector, they settled in Venn, Jormdar and Sadurn Systems.

    == REPUTATION ==
    There is no known way to turn friendlier with the Dom'Nepesh.

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