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  • A race from Camelopardalis B. galaxy.
    The Dom'Setek are a race from a distant galaxy known to us as Camelopardalis B. Together with the Dom'Nepesh they invaded Dom'Kavash space seeing a chance to expand their territories and take control over valuable resources.

    == HISTORY ==
    Humans investigation about them can be read HERE.

    == TYPE ==
    Alien race

    == HQ ==
    not known

    == ARMAMENTS ==
    • Particle weapons like is Ther'hon Cannon (strong vs. Graviton, weak vs. Molecular)
    • Molecular shields

    == ENEMIES ==
    == BASES ==
    Bases in C/5, DE/5, Venn
    Bases in G/6, BC/6, E/2Celldra
    Bases in E/3, D/3, DE/5-6Pyrddra

    == PRESENCE ==
    After the Dom'Setek invaded Inner Core Sector, they settled in Venn, Celldra and Pyrddra Systems.

    == REPUTATION ==
    There is no known way to turn friendlier with the Dom'Setek.

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