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KoS on RDV, Reason : Destroying valuable freight in Sigma-17

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    KoS on RDV, Reason : Destroying valuable freight in Sigma-17

    At the 5.7.17 Sigma-17,at The Mercy Dark,
    I just selled some Havocs and Coalition Gattlings at the Dark Phoenix HQ and the Base went bankrupt oops :) :) :)
    I warned RDV about taxing me with that loading,but because I couldn't sell 1 or 2 Gatts at TMD I had them in my Cargo Bay (btw I needed them for a new char,this plan is now "on ice").
    As RonaldoDaVinci arrived in Sigma-17 he flew straight ahead to TMD taxed and killed me with my Gatts.

    Result : Killing him few times after that crime and setting Kill on Sight (KoS) on his head.

    ...Report by Destructor|Nexus
    The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything.It's to late to stop reading it ...

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