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Personal damage reperations

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    Personal damage reperations

    Today, I (|DP|Annihilator, |DP|Sathanas) had the privilege of meeting a notorious Pirate under the name of RonaldoDaVinci Aka: (Fallen)Negan.

    Earlier, I was taxed 20M which resulted in a gruesome fight upon which RDV won. My dreadnaught was naught to his Chimera ship
    I fought him later on in my Cayman, upon where I received three Million off his head.

    I will not stop until I reclaim the extra 17M I have lost to this pirate.

    This is a personal stance for me. I will not allow other Clan members, other freelancers to fight this for me (Unless I hire someone for help ofc but won't be neccessary) This is my own fight, and my own reckoning.

    If Mr RDV wishes to pay me my 17M in advance, I will forget (sounds petty over 17M I know but at least I don't multiply by 10's, 100's, 1000's...)
    Until such times I reclaim my prize, BRING FORTH THE WAR DOGS! :ugly:

    And ofc, no hard feelings towards the Pirate as well :) Good luck and Commodore Dredd out
    Never Fear! Lucifer is here!
    |DP|Lucifer, the ultimate engine of destruction is at your in-game disposal for a small fee of credits!
    whether it is to sniff out a dodgy cop, to track smuggler's, or even to destroy a pirate or freelance Mercenary

    The choice is in your hands!
    Contact |DP|Lucifer in-game for any help related to above
    The charges may vary with his mind, but it will be no doubt a small fee for our troubles.

    Contact him today!