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A pirates life: No More Mr. Nice Guy

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    A pirates life: No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Planet Roma, Purian Lake System, 24. June 2017.

    I was sitting in the bar on Planet Roma and listen to the conversation of other people.
    I heard a lot of things, things about the honest (Fallen)-clan. But I don't like what I heard.
    They think, (Fallen)-clan is a weak clan, because we are soooooo nice. They think, they can fly save through the universe when only a (Fallen)-member is only, because we are soooooo nice.
    Well, it is time to change some things. Usually I don't tax players with level <70 (ok, when some dirty bounty hunter try to get a bounty which someone have set on my head, I taxed him before I killed him :) !)

    With immediately effect, no one will be save from me with level >=40.

    With best regards,
    No More Mr. Nice Guy

    PS: when I taxed you, your best choice is type /yes :)

    Everything before the word "but" is horse shit - Eddard "Ned" Stark

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