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Need some help installing

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    Need some help installing

    I'm getting an error code (E00000046) when trying to play.

    My install steps:
    • Clean install of Freelancer and FLMM
    • Freshly downloaded CF installer
    • Vanilla Freelancer installed to C://Program Files/Microsoft Games/Freelancer
    • FLMM installed to F://Program Files(x86)/Freelancer Mod Manager
    • Full permissions for all users set on the Freelancer folder

    Vanilla FL runs just fine, I'm just having trouble with CF. The launcher was able to update itself successfully.

    Here is the log:

    01:01:11.631 --> :Starting Crossfire

    01:01:11.725 --> [x]:Error assigning game options [E0000006E]

    01:01:12.053 --> [x]:Error creating game directory [E00000076]

    01:01:12.053 --> [x]:Missing Freelancer.exe file [E00000084]

    Looks like it's a copy issue - I have no idea why it's doing this because I set the permissions correctly and ran the launcher as admin

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