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A pirates life: I set IOC-members on KoS!

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    A pirates life: I set IOC-members on KoS!

    Planet Murmansk, 05. June.
    I am sitting here on Planet Murmansk and....
    "Polly want a nut", Polly says.
    I gave her a nut.
    What was the answer? 42? Not so easy, sorry.
    Ok, since some days some arrogant players were online. They thought, they are members in the best trader clan. They thought they are the reason why they are the members of the best trader clan!
    May be they are, but don't shout it out!
    I don't like those arrogant players!
    So, with immediately effect: all IOC-members are on KoS for me!

    I know, some other players will dislike, because most of the time, IOC-members were friendly - I have the same experience. But arrogant players are not welcome here!

    So, here are the rules/facts/decisions:
    Number 1: The arrogant players stop this arrogant!
    Number 2: the IOC-clan pay 1 billion credits to one of my char within 1 week (my chars are well known)
    Number 3: the arrogant players won't be arrogant again!

    As soon as all these numbers are happened I will stop this war from my side! Your choice! :)

    Until these: no IOC-member will be save (ok, when you are join an event or you are in IC to help to build the IC-base, you will be save :-)! )

    This is my personal feud. No other (Fallen)-clan-member or their alliance are in this war!

    Kind regards,
    Everything before the word "but" is horse shit - Eddard "Ned" Stark