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PvP Competition

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    PvP Competition

    Fallen and Dark Phoenix proudly present

    The PvP Competition

    And here is the way it goes:

    1. You have to register for this event
    • here in this thread
    • deadline is the 30.06.2017.
    2. You have to fight 13 fights with each other participant in this event.
    • The usual PvP-rules are valid (no reloads, no mines, say "GO" before and "GF" after each fight, selfkills are points for the opponent, no cloak).
    • Depending on the number of participants this event could last for more than a month. Deadline for the last match will be told on 1. of July (or earlier).
    • If u miss one or more matches, u decrease your chances to win.
    • Following players are the arbiters: Galaxy Rangers and Clan Leaders of Fallen and Dark Phoenix and all other Event Managers.
    • The results of each match will be posted here in this thread and regularly integrated into one table.
    • No Battleship/Dreadnought/Cruiser/Dragonfly.
    • The games begin in 1. of July.

    The prizes

    Do u think, we would make such a big fat event without big fat prizes? geburtstag_34:

    1. 3 cloaking device parts + 100 mill + 50 energy crystals
    2. 3 cloaking device parts + 50 mill + 50 energy crystals
    3. 3 cloaking device parts + 50 energy crystals
    4. 2 cloaking device parts
    5. 1 cloaking device part
    6. 12 guns of your choice from Inner Core
    7. 8 guns of your choice from Inner Core
    8. 4 guns of your choice from Inner Core
    9. 30 million credits
    10. 15 million credits

    That should be a nice motivation :nummer1:

    The registration office is open :thumbsup:

    In case someone thinks about opening a betting office for this event, Fallen and Dark Phoenix claim a fee of 10 % of the betting wins :D
    "Make Love, not War." Sun Tsu

    Dark Phoenix Clan introduction: link
    Sigma 17 Rules: link
    DP Recruiting Office: link

    Events, Eventmanagers: link
    Event Rules: link

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