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A pirates life: ThanRui and all his chars are on KoS for me now!

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    A pirates life: ThanRui and all his chars are on KoS for me now!

    Nassau Depot - 21. December 2016 (server time)

    I am sitting in my chamber on Nassau Depot in Purian Lake and look at this empty paper!
    "Give a nut!", Polly says!
    "You don't say the magic word!"
    "Give me a nut, now!", Polly says!
    I smiled and gave her a nut!
    Poly is one of the last parrot in the universe.
    I found here on Earth, 3 years ago. She was more feather and bones, when I found her.
    Now, when I look at this empty paper, I am glad that Polly is here.

    There was a guy! He was helpful! He was friendly! He was much ok!
    But since a couple of weeks he turns into a big asshole!

    First time, when I saw one of his new char, I smiled after he taxed me! But now, he taxed me with too many chars.
    Enough is enough! I am a pirate of the (Fallen)-Clan! No one will taxed me so often without any consequence!

    For all, how never heard about the (Fallen)-Clan: we are pirates, but we are much more like a "Robin-Hood"-Clan!
    Tax rich trader and give the money to newbies (after a little bit money we need by ourselve, of course :-)!)
    But this guy, who taxed every one, have no codex, have no honor, have no idea about a pirates life!

    I looked at this empty paper and started to write:

    "With imediately effect, all chars of ThanRUI (Mercury, Meranti, Comnets, LucasC, Kuiper, etc.) are on KoS for me!
    All my partners, friends and Allies are welcome to KoS this guy, too!
    How long? It is simple: as long as it takes that we got back our helpful, friendly and "much ok"-friend!

    Yours sincerely,


    Member of the honest (Fallen)-clan"

    Polly says, "Polly want another nut, now!"
    I smiled and gave her another nut! :)
    Everything before the word "but" is horse shit - Eddard "Ned" Stark

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