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Announcing New Mission Statement from Republic Alliance

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    Announcing New Mission Statement from Republic Alliance

    Attention Spacefarers!

    The Republic Alliance has been tasked by the highest forms of government to create a galaxy wide discussion over the effectiveness of current law enforcement practices. Crime levels have never been higher in the Sirius and Altair sector and It has come to the attention of those, with the welfare of the entire galaxy being their first priority, that the galactic police have been negligent, distrustful and even sometimes corrupt in their duties to protect law-abiding citizens of Sirius.

    Therefore, Republic Alliance is stepping up its efforts to bring this lack of professionalism to the public eye through the use government approved offensive strikes against commercial and private assets within the Sirius Sector.

    The skies will be very dangerous. So watch your six

    TL:DR. RA is Pirates now. Tax or die
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