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Sticky The Silver Arrows

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    The Silver Arrows

    The Silver Arrows

    The Silver Arrows are back and now are stronger than ever! Founded originally in 2009 by Sam Thomas, Nicolás Salvador Cañones, and Emanuel Rau, also known as Arrow, Tango, and Extros respectively, the Silver Arrows strove to defend mankind from threats so great that humanity could not hope to stand against them alone or divided. The first threat faced was the Nomads. Thankfully, the Order was able to drive them back before they could enact their devious plans. The Silver Arrows, being formed shortly after that event, knew that a quasilegal organization such as the Order, having such a bad reputation thanks to the Nomad's influence, would never be able to effectively act on the scale that would eventually prove to be necessary.

    As time passed, threats such as the Dom'Kavash and the intergalactic war proved that Arrow and his wingmen were right. The Silver Arrows signed on to the Alliance Star Fleet as a Mercenary Corporation to try and unify humanity against the threats no single faction could handle on their own.

    Today, the Silver Arrows keeps to its core mission in defense of all races threatened by the various Dominator races that have invaded our galaxy. After some major restructuring and attempts to return to that goal, the Silver Arrows are now recruiting once again! If you, like us, believe that our upmost responsibility is to protect our galaxy from those who would seek to subdue it, then join us in our crusade! All of our members have their own reasons for fighting. Choose yours and join us in exploring the unknown and defending our home.

    The Silver Arrows - We Explore, We Defend

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