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K.P.F: Knight Police Force

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    K.P.F: Knight Police Force

    Knight Police Force

    Clan logo
    General Information:

    ID: Police Licences
    Home System: Too come soon
    Tag: K.P.F:


    Long-Term History:

    Anyone will tell you this line: Since there were populated planets there were always Pirates to be seen they looked for anything they can get there hands on re-used it and sold it on one of the numerous black markets of the Vast Unknown we call Space to day. They were always close to other inhabitants of the asteroid fields - pirates, hermits and other people hiding from publicity or the law. Due to their activity, Many vast Police/military forces were set up to Counter an on going Endless Battle in space The Knight Police Force are a part of the police faction that remains unaffected by the structural changes within the Sirius but they have seen a lot of war originally coming from the deepest parts of the altair sector being forced to move out of Altair space to the Sirius sector they set about finding a new home for themselves and their families it was a hard long journey out of altair a lot of Sirius pirates came and looted killed hunted and pillaged the leftovers of a vast police force right down to the last 3 capital ships with no fighter power or weapons or ammo left all they can do is run and hope for freedom room to rebuild staying close to debris fields and nebulas, so that nobody would see them worked until an unknown ship hand fell upon them after hearing Rumours of them knowing they were totally defenceless and yet not here to raid but help them move through Sirius they ended up in the Tau sectors After Altair abandoned them, they decided that it was time for a quiet life so after removing their police badges and IDs and moved all of our activities and operations to a quiet and remote part of the Tau territory. A part that we knew nobody had dared to venture into, so we made that our mission to Rebuild our once vast Police Empire as simple humble Traders building a home base out of the scraps we had left until the time comes to dust off the police badges and eradicate the scum that hunt in the vast darkness we call space as after all we are and always will be police its in our blood

    Recent History:

    We would use jump holes when we had to go to different systems, so that we could freely move around space being seen but nobody found us a threat while we were laying low. We traded what we had and helped the locals for a profit as humble traders as we were able to do whatever we pleased without upsetting anybody or being interrupted. Our peaceful and quiet life was bliss some would say but we had the Blood of fire in us dieing to break out and help police the local Tau systems untouched by any law Freedom for pirates picking on the miners and Traders passing in and out of them

    Our new Administrator is a man many of you know as Rifty but to us he's a man who has kept us hidden when he stumbled up on us in the deepest parts of omega sectors and lead us to safety helped out where he can a man who was lost with in the vastness of many Factions and clans a lost soul some may say but that man we have gotten to know as our hero our savior man who donated over 5 billion of his own credits to help us rebuild and asked for no payment in return.

    as we aided slowly but surely he came to see his purpose in life and for that we gained a man we can depend on to guide us with in the Sirius sector. has made it his sole mission to bring us back from our quiet life, his goals are to help us expand out into space and make new alliances with factions we never before thought could be possible altho he has retired his flying boots to help us maintain our base and govern our operations form the safety of our base his son Elijah is out there well trained helping us

    Fight the Good Fight

    Ranking System:
    Ranks here are based on your Skills, activity on the game, and Knowledge of Crossfire Galaxy :
    Upon obtaining a new rank, your reputation in the faction will rise and will allow you to have more of a Say in what the clan can do and be more of a trusted member Ranks will be updated later when the clan is more Active

    Extend our influence to further our Law and profits by any means and perhaps even expand into acting as traders, to bait out the smugglers and pirates across the pirate controlled Sirius and beyond.

    Names Convention Must be Followed
    "K.P.F:FirstName and LastName" (For use by all fighters & bombers)
    "K.P.F:ShipName" (For use by all for freighters & transports)
    "K.P.F:Name" (For use by all Gunboats and Battleships)

    Knight Police Force
    Pilot carrying this TAG K.P.F: is a member of the Knight Police Force who:
    Must obey the Clan/crossfire rules and the Law At all times

    Clan Rules:

    if you or your Enemy player Dies in PVP combat do not Re Engage unless fired upon stay in self-defense only until you can move on with your Patrol’s ( This is to Stop Long winded Fights)
    Cannot Open fire on anyone unless its in self-defense
    Can attack pirates and terrorists in self-defense only, ( to protect a trader of an allied faction, or in defense of their bases and their lives)
    Can actively freely Fine Pirates or Smugglers in all systems with in Reason sticking to the Law
    Can kill to justify the Law (E.g Fines are not paid you may hunt that player till payment is settled with there Life of Payment is in full)
    Can Demand Black market cargo from Smugglers and fine them
    Can actively Help Freelancers/traders
    Can actively escort on Trade runs for a profit

    K.P.F: Leaders

    Administrator Rifty : K.P.F:Elijah.Woods
    C.e.o Board Member : K.P.F:Niklaus.Walker
    C.e.o Board Member : K.P.F:Cobra.Prime

    Current Clan members :
    Too come Soon

    [align=center][color=#FF0000][/color]In the darkness you could hear the crying of women,
    the wailing of infants
    and the shouting of men
    Some prayed for help,
    others wished for death
    But still more imagined that there were no Gods left...
    ...And that the universe was plunged into internal darkness[color=#FF0000][/color][/align]

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