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Silver Arrows: Operation VIPs transport to Planet Lost Paradise

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    Silver Arrows: Operation VIPs transport to Planet Lost Paradise

    Prologue: Planet New Tokyo, 2014-10_24: Kusari government representative contacted theirs local police department for help with VIPs transport to planet Lost Paradise. Because local police don't had free transport capacities at that moment and was requested "urgent transport", they asked police organisation Silver Arrows for help.

    Mission: SA ship Luxury Liner was ready to go when on ship bridge arrived F.Admiral Martind Forlon. Course was set to planet Honshu where was ordered passengers boarding. In space was present SA pilot Richard T.Harper (callsign BANDIT) in his Thanatos fighter and he moved to rendezvous point in Honshu. In meantime was contacted one another pilot, mercenary Bourdoulakas, which accepted offer for escort job. Things were going good up to that moment, but once Liner arrived to Honshu, started complications. Coded radio message informed, that boarding for VIPs has changed for Planet Kyushu. Not big deal, it was relative small additional trip, but with it was changed plan how to enter Unknown systems. This small detail subsequently proved to be important. Boarding on Planet Honshu was completed successfully and liner set course to Tau-23 and from there up to Omicron Alpha. Kusari government was successful with diplomatic negotiations with Outcast representatives on Planet Malta and convoy get one time permission to safely pass through the system to Unknowns. Lt. Harper was coming there from X-3043, when he was suddenly attacked by infamously known pirate, which has hiding his true identity behind nick Kirk. SA ship was in this encounter heavily damaged and was needed to do field repairs in Crossfire docks. But this was only starting issue. Pirate decided, despite 10M bounty placed on his head, to chase VIPs convoy and his ship entered Omicron Alpha. Luckily he had no idea where and why is Silver Arrows convoy there and it was proven as deciding moment for this operation. Liner was first joined by mercenary Bourdoulakas and both ships moved into green nebulae behind jump hole leading to unknowns. Shortened radar range, caused by nebula electric interferences, worked this time in favour for police side. When to rendezvous point arrived also Lt. Harper, in his repaired fighter, all three ships jumped into Upper Unknown. Nomads wing there tried theirs luck, but soon after was space filled only with exploding Nomads ships. Convoy headed to sector A3 and safely jumped to Unknown 1. There is was more serious, Nomads heavy ships and minefields made travel there uneasy, still all three ships safely arrived to destination with unstable jump hole leading (not only) to the Lost Paradise system. With Nomads and pirate in convoy back was needed unload passengers quickly. Was decided to use for this escorting fighters cargo-space, which was not so comfortable like Liner's cabins. But civilians were warned in advance, that there may be "little" discomfort during disembark.

    VIPs were all finally on the planet and was about a time to leave Nomads area. Liner got so far only very slight damage, but with all these heavy ships around it was only matter of time. Nomad Lich obviously thought the same and human ships jumped from LP system maybe 1/2 second before he flew into his heavy energy-guns firing range. Pirate which went into unknown too had obviously much less luck, as convoy got another coded message that Kirk's fighter in very poor condition and with severally wounded pilot docked (barely) on Planet Malta. Back-route was unplanned, but because unstable jump ended in Unknown 2, was decided to head to Lower Unknown and from there to Omicron Gamma. Corsairs were generously paid for "look aside" and after was cleaned last Nomads presence in Gamma, all human ships safely docked on Planet Crete. Payment which was received from Kusari government was divided, mercenary Bourdoulakas was generously paid for his services and remaining Silver Arrows ships set theirs course to Omega-3.

    Debriefing: In Luxury Liner hangar docked escorting Thanatos fighter and his pilot headed to Admiral's cabin. There were more things to discuss and for Lt. Harper was waiting one small surprise ... his participation on this fully successful operation was last missing piece for his promotion to rank Lt. Commander.

    Note: Liner camera records:

    - Introduction to the Crossfire 2.0 mod.
    - All important about the Crossfire mod.
    - For easier start in ED.
    - Character details in ED
    - Personal experience with ED.

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