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diary of a merc

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    diary of a merc

    huh, what a day. a merc hunted by merces. well yeah, nothing new. i shot several merces and was even lucky to escape some trials to catch me. but the situation now is worse. a bounty of 51 mill, on my head! i still wonder how it came so far. uhm, let me think ...

    it started 2 month ago, when the leader of the new police clan (International) came to me. he asked for money for establishing his clan. well, since i am friendly with most police-men, in fact i got lots of jobs from them, i decided to help him. also regarding the growing pirate-problem in Sirius, it is good to rebalance the whole situation by this good deed of mine. ok, 90 mill credits is not a chickenfeed, but cops are usually trustworthy.

    it needed 2 month now to get back just 40 mill. how could it be? a cop, owning a Dreadnought and more than a billion credits is not able to give back some millions? well, i asked now dozens of times about the money and slowly it came to my mind, that it was never his intention to act in the right way and he wants to keep it. but hey, this was not a "donation"! i am a merc, maybe not always on law's side, but i hate corruption!

    so, i told this cop to give back my money immediately or i will order to the whole DP-clan a KoS on (International-Police) (including all of his chars). that's it, this warning scared him. he put the bounty on me. 51 mill. well, i feel honored. 51 mill on me, he must be really frightened. nevermind, this won't stop me. he got his warning, he answered with a bounty. the KoS-order is active now. till i get back my 50 millions.

    ... some days later ...

    how many days i am here now? 4? 5? aaah, this prison makes me sick. why the hell this damn merc brought me to BPA Newgate?!? well, it is not the prison itself, Bretoniacs simply don't know how to cook. and the English style while u are beaten by the damn jailers ... it was better that my escape pod burned than being here.

    ok, i got back my money from that International-cop. but he "forgot" to take away the bounty. 51 mill on ur head is always a good reason to be chased by any merc near u. ok, i was lucky to survive and the cop already contacted the commander of this prison to explain, that it was just a "misunderstanding".

    where is my damn advocate? he said, he needs 2 days to get here from Alaska. i hope, he is well, otherwise i'm afraid my unexpected dwelling here will last forever. what a horrifying imagination: being multi-millionaire and getting old in prison.

    "Make Love, not War." Sun Tsu

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