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Inner Core Patrol Report

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    Inner Core Patrol Report

    After the successful IOC-expedition including the destruction of several alien fleets in the Inner Core systems (see here) daily patrol missions were established.
    Taking into account that Inner Core`s threat is still a danger for the life of the complete Sirius sector most clans and factions support these missions with own ships.
    As headquarter was chosen the Mirtrak Battlestation in Weth, which was gratefully provided by humans new allies, the Dom'Kavash.

    Inner Core Patrol Report 01 - date: 21.11.3013

    Lieutenant Denne of the Dark Phoenix clan was patrolling in Pyrddra while he received request of SA Commander Forlon to help him with transferring bigger amounts of recently captured alien weapons for transport and further examinations in Sirius' research facilities. Lt. Denne agreed, set course back to Weth. Anyway, the time for his patrol was finished in some minutes and helping each other in all cases became the unuttered most common state in Inner Core systems. Because the patrol today went easeful as expected after last weeks battle he programmed autopilot, layed back in his pilots chair, switched on some calm music and closed the eyes. Shortly before docking at jumpgate to Mepther Lt. Denne woke up by automatic approach signal.

    In Mepther then some small fighter squadrons - displayed by far range scanner - let Lt. Denne completely forget about his tiredness after this long day. He gave first report to Cmdr. Forlon, who was still busy with preparations for the transferring act. Cmdr. Forlon decided to have an own look on the situation and started a small excursion with the mighty Battleship SA_Hades. Even if the first AU-s went without any incidents, the second report of Lt. Denne about some other alien fleets made him really nervous now.

    Fortunately another patrol consisting of IOC-s Lt.-Cmdr. Reaper and freelancer Lt. Tiga was on the way to Jormdar and so the decision was made to meet in Ryssk to conflate all patrolling-ships. Directly after the rendezvous the correctness of this decision was proven, when suddenly several Warrior cruisers and a battleship jumped directly into this area. No orders were necessary, the battle started immediately. Once again Cmdr. Forlon's precaution was certified and with the overwhelming firepower of BS SA_Hades this battle became another loss for the aliens.

    The way back to Weth went with high concentrations on scanner-displays, but no further fleets were detected. In Weth then the transfer was completed and a small business between the IOC-member and freelancer Tiga made some people even happy in the end.

    The sudden appearance of the Warrior-fleet was a big and not amusing surprise, especially after the last IOC-expedition that seemed to be a pacification of the whole situation in and around Inner Core systems. Cmdr. Forlon ordered to send a small fleet under Lt.-Cmdr. Inpo. This fleet will consist of 1 battleship, 1 repair ship and several fighters. The objective is once again to explore all systems between Omega 3 and Weth to find possibly hidden jumpholes or still unknown facilities of the aliens. It is absolutely necessary to find the reason how the alien could establish such fleets so quick. The mission is not meant to be a suicide-mission but all results should be considered.
    Date and time of this mission will be given only through encrypted channels, since the aliens seem to have hacked the common ones.
    "Make Love, not War." Sun Tsu

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