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Hired first time in along time

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    Hired first time in along time

    So the other say i logged on And Received a transmission for (IOC)SilverFox. If i would like to be hired to escort him tradeing for Defence and was offerd 10 mill per run if i kept him alive i did 2 runs with him and got 20 million and Escorted Another IOC Clan member And im happy to say the convoy was successful And no body was killed

    -Son of Angmar Signing out till next time-

    Lost But Never Forgotten The Angels have got you in a better Place now Dad !
    - R.I.P. Angmar Witch-king 1955-2012 -

    (IOC)Angmar* | 71 | Horizon
    (IOC)Angmar_Witch-king | 69 | Starflier
    (IOC)Sauron | 70 | Chimera
    (IOC)Sauron* | 70 | Soulforge Train
    (IOC)Son_of_Angmar | 72 | Iguana