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The Battle Above Willard

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    The Battle Above Willard

    ***Incoming Transmission***

    To all CSF fighters in the Sirius Sector, this is CSF leader {LP}50Pack{X}:
    There has been another victory for the CSF side! Soon after receiving a tip on some Alien Organisms from a friend in the Manchester, I saw two SA pilots were in the nearby system, apparently heading to the California system. I was heading there too. After monitoring the pray for ~45 minutes, we all ended up in NY where they remained seated there. Due to the neutral ground rules, I decided to take the tip about the Alien Organisms and headed to Station Willard in the California system and docked at the station. While hitting up the bar, a ship appeared across the window. But this wasn't any normal ship, it was SA Forlon of ASF. I quickly dialed a merc by the name of "aurelcici003" and gave him my coordinates as I loaded the ammo to go. After rejecting the offer by Forlon to leave the system for 10 million credits, the fight kicked off. Aurel was a system away, and another SA, SA_Wiskey was a few systems away himself. The fight continued as 2v2 until a few minutes went by and fellow CSF member and LP Clan leader Marauder came online and joined, it was a loud and tough fight and one hour and fifteen minutes in, [CFPD]Gunny joined the fight, just to add more noise to the fight. But this wasn't enough as the CSF held out for a victory at Willard Station after a hard fought 1 hour and 45 minute fight! A special thanks to Marauder and aurelcici003 for the great support and fight and I hope to see you all in space! Long live the CSF!

    P.S. here are some images:

    CSF leader {LP}50Pack{X} out!

    ***End Transmission***