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Angles new pirate clan on the sever

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    Angles new pirate clan on the sever


    Tag: |Angels|
    Home System: Unofficially Omicron Alpha

    A bit of the History for the Angles

    The crippled sleeper ship Hispania arrived in Omicron Alpha almost 800 years ago. Its passengers named the planet Malta -- a harsh place of acidic oceans, gray skies, and vast plains covered in a species of tall, thin, orange grass. They later learned that the grass could be rendered into a narcotic substance, that they called Cardamine. Outcasts conduct a lucrative drug-smuggling operation using the network of Jump Holes to escape detection and transport their product into the heart of the House systems. The angels where mainly a fleet of warships looking after the main outcast systems providing some sort of pirate law to stop pirates form killing pirates and making a mess of things or steeling drugs form other pirates or the smugglers. the angels fleet where well known by the many pirates all across Sirius space they where not to be messed with.

    The Leader of the Angles Grand Admiral Rifty new Sirius had a bad fate to come after the war with the nomads and the GMG opening there hyper gate and lots of unknown systems to explore the Angles set out as a fleet of Freelance Pirates leaving the outcast well and truly to flying freely across Sirius space taxing traders helping out the odd smugglers for a good profit keeping the law off there backs and killing anyone that got in there way. Mainly hunting down the police messing there plans up where ever they can and trying to take them out one by one but the police fight back hard and strong but the Angels keep on fighting to Rules All of Sirius and more

    Join the Angles

    The Alliance of Police are corrupted and have once again raged a dictator's rule over the people of Crossfire . Here is your chance to denounce the warmongers along side our comrades. Embrace ethos which breaks the spirit of our enemies without mercy or faltering bravery. The armada stands ready to break the pillers that hold our enemies so high on their thrown! Join the Angels, your comrades awaits you.

    to join us contact Rifty in game or on the forums


    Police of any kind
    are kill on site unless in transports then its a large tax sum

    pirates of any kind

    are considered Neutral to us but if shown hostile to us will be killed if the pirate is shown to be hostile all the time it will be a KOS ( kill on site )

    Smugglers of any kind

    are considered Neutral to us but will be taxed unless we are hired for a nice price to look after them and take them to there Drop Zone if the law are on there backs

    Neutral don't push your luck anything can and will happen

    my char names