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Great RP in Texas system

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    Great RP in Texas system

    here is how it started

    Myan a freelancer cop was being hunted down by the BORG pirate clan he was out numbered but he kept on fighting for his life little did he know drunken-master was watching form afar drunken master wiped in to shape and sent word to Armored 13TH clan ill pay u 10 mill to get and help Myan asap 13th replied job accepted 13th rushed in and outnumbered the borg littel did thay all know drunken master had called in his clan for an ambush on the cop myan and 13th clan with his clan moving in form all trade-lanes a grate fight brork out 13th clan and myan vs BORG and BLK_OPS it was an uneven numbered fight with BORG and BLK OPS wining the Battle a fellow freelancer hired by shockforces was sent in to help out 13th and myan his name was volition he enters the fight right away drunken master did not count on 13th clan bringing 2 battle ships to the fight so he orders the BORG clan to take them out wile the BLK OPS clan delt with the fighter cover with fight raged on for a good 30 mins then Myan managed to slip out of radar and escape the wrath of BORG and
    BLK OPS and the contract with 13 and volition was payed in full by the clan blk ops

    hi guys id like to say thinks to all who joind in in my organised RP that was set up by me it was grate fun and well worth the effut u all put in i hope the can see more of this on the sever and a lot more players getting the Merck clans involved this was the most fun iv had on the sever in a long time id like to do this more and take the CSF on bored and run there RP and make events for the CSF and ASF if i can so we can all have fun and get that part of the mod going again.

    onece again thanks to BORG clan 13TH clan and blk-ops members and a big thanks to freelancers Myan Volition good to see u guys get involved in RP

    durnken-master out :)

    o and a screeny of the fight i managed to get

    my char names


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