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New Berlin Clash!

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    New Berlin Clash!

    Hello all pirates!

    I want to congratulate everyone who was part of the New Berlin fight today at New Berlin as the Pirates (and CSF in general) won against the Police (or ASF) and took over (or occupied) New Berlin. I would like to give a few special thanks to {LP}Marauder{X} for being active with them missiles and taking down a few cops shorthanded all alone in front of New Berlin, also {TBP}Kane{X} for his 2 rampages and amok today and a great help and big part in the victory. I also want to give shoutouts to Daywalker, Raven, and Hero of the |PX| clan for clearing their busy schedules and accepting the contracts to go after the two [CFPD] officers and a cop FL plus anyone else who turned hostile to us at that moment. Let this be the start of a revolution of turning the neutral server into CSF hands!

    Keep on taxing!

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