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Gunny's planning a rebellion; Be Prepared

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    Gunny's planning a rebellion; Be Prepared

    I know I haven't been on for a long time, but I can already feel that *our* rum drinking days are *over*. Gunny has started a movement that is going to take lives, and most importantly RUM away from us pirates. For the first time in their existance they are actually going to start cracking down on crimes, and that means bad buisness (and no rum). We need to counter it!!! We need to plot an offencive!! I call for all Pirate clans, and Freelancers with a heart for pirating (or a taste for rum ;)) to grab a Pirate licence from Planet NY, or Planet CF and come join the battel!! It will be a strong and brutal fight, but it is one, that has to be won!! So lets set aside all differences and attack!!!!! For the love of pirating, dubloons, or even RUM just go out there in packs and start destroying every patrol group one by one!! Lets give Gunny and his pals the fight of their life! We will be going through hard times, but with enough enthusiasm, support, men/women, and rum we will get through this once and for all!!!

    For those of you who have no idea of what I'm talking about, read this:

    Gunny wrote:

    To All Police Officers on CF and everyone in general,

    I am going to make a concerted effort to organize the Police of Crossfire, clan affiliation is not required, but clans are encouraged to get involved, and all Freelancers are invited. Requirement is to have ALL of your chars tagged as a Police Officer and the willingness to learn the Police RP they way it was designed to be.

    In conjunction with this, I will be working behind the scenes with other clan leaders to make all of our RP's work in a fun , imaginative and aggressive way.

    We will organize Patrols , team players up and try to promote comraderie and "gfs" without the rhetoric or name-calling.

    There is much more to be discussed and fun to be had, so please send me a pm if you are interested and your char names.

    In return for your participation, I will rent a system for the Police to use as a staging, training & trading area and I promise it will be a nice system.

    Discussion here is not needed unless you ask a valid non-offensive question about this project. There aren't many people playing Freelancer as there used to be, so we need to retain our members and gain more. SWAT is also working continuously to improve the FL gameplay and push the limits of the game.

    If you have interest in this project, contact myself in the forum or see UR Grand Andreask, BG Husker, /CoP\ Bond in game to get in with our team.

    See you out there & good luck.


    Thanks for reading,
    A Proud Member of the Lost Prophets Pirate Clan!
    Also Proud Leader of the CSF Faction!

    {LP} is recruiting! Please visit here for more details!

    Arrrrrrrrrrrr Maty!