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Sticky Pirate Roleplay - basic info

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    Pirate Roleplay - basic info

    Pirate: "Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!" You like it? ... good, looks you want to be pie-rat :). Congratulations, you have chosen a profession that allows unlimited potential for fun and adventure in the Crossfire Universe. You make your money by attempting to extract donations (tax) from all the others players you may encounter. Please refer to the CF Server Rules for further information regarding Role Play.

    What you can expect as a pirate on the Crossfire server?

    While roaming space, you may encounter Police Officers or Military Officers. Keep your eyes open pilot, you are an instant target of these law abiding pilots to whom you are the scourge on the universe. They may show up at the most inopportune times and try and stop your attempts at making credits. As with other encounters, you may need to contact some backup (another pirate or perhaps a mercenary) to “cover your 6” while you try and gain some hard earned credits. Always keep in mind that an attack on you can come without warning, a pirates life is great but also dangerous. Police tagged characters are also the only one RP you can destroy without warning, others should be asked for donation :) first.

    You may encounter Smugglers of illicit items. These may well be your favorite targets as they are often in transport ships and usually quite wealthy. Sounds easy you say ... they may fly in packs, protected not only by their numbers but also by “hired guns”. Smugglers are likely the richest characters you may encounter. They can easily place big bounty on you, and in such cases you will be chased by the mercenaries.

    Mercenaries are often skilled pilots who may or may not be persuaded by your skills as a pilot and negotiator to part with any of their hard earned credits. There is always a potential challenge ahead when you encounter these pilots. You can also use their help (for a price) in times that you need more firepower.

    Wait you say, what about other Pirates? You may find yourself being approached by another pirate who wants to extract some of YOUR hard won credits!! Possibilities for a fight are high!! Perhaps a duel for the credit prize is in order? Maybe a bit of teamwork to coordinate a tax attempt on some hard to catch tax evaders?

    This is only a very small example of the Crossfire Universe and player types/situations you may encounter. Pilot skills, creativity, persistence and experience all help a pirate to navigate the challenges and encounters that you may face during your life as a pirate. If you are a pilot that prefers the life of action and adventure, you may have chosen the correct RP for you in the Crossfire Universe. If you want be successful pirate, try to think when its the best time to fight, when to run, what price can be reasonable for your target and in which situation you might have the advantage and ask for more ...

    Note: Big Thx to Marauder who did great work on this article :thumbup:

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