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Just post funny video's

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    Just post funny video's


    I Don't Need To "Get A Life." I'm A Gamer. I Have Lots Of Lives! :D
    It can be good rebels like in starwars :thumbup:

    Plz visit >>> United Rebels - Portal

    Intel i7-4930k| Corsair H80 liquid cooling with 2x Noctuna NF-F12 Industrial | Rog Rampage IV Extreme| Corsair Vengance 32gb 4x8gb| 2x EVGA Classified GTX 980ti SLI| Corsair 1050w silver-80 PCU | about 30TB storage (Seagate Archive) (for p-rat torrents 24/7 when not playing CF offc) | a 240GB Rog Raidr pci-e for Windows 10 Pro upgraded from win7 With Classic Shell to give me the XP/Win7 start menu and a Aero hack to make everything gloss "ish" | all in a NZXT Phantom Big tower (black) connected to a 55" Panasonic TX-P55VT60Y Plasma TV.