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Ancient Hunt

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    Ancient Hunt

    TIME: Sunday, May 02nd 2010 at 20:00h server time in Utopia system, near Triangulum Dock 3.

    Objective: Collect the maximum number of Ancient weapons in specified time frame.

    How does it work:
    • All player will meet the Event Manager in Utopia System 15 minutes prior to the event.
    • Depending of the amount of players, the teams up to 4 or 5 players each have to be found before the event starts. On request other teams may join after the event already started.
    • Once the players joined their teams/group the Event Manager announces which team will enter the contest area (Dervon System). The time counts as the first team member is in Dervon System. Each team member has to hunt and collect the maximum nomad weapons possible within 15 minutes.
    • When the time is up, the Event Manager will let you know, and you must leave the system immediately and return to Utopia System, stopping all fighting.
    • After the team members arrive back in Utopia, they will wait near the jumphole to be scanned.
    • The next team can prepare to enter Dervon System. Event Manager will signal them to enter, and so on, until all teams have had their turn.
    • The team with most Ancient weapons will be the winner.

    Event restrictions:
    • No char-switching
    • No cheating
    • If you die, you're out. If this happens, but your team still wins, your team can, but doesn't have to share the reward with you.

    Pilots have to meet up in Utopia system, near Triangulum Dock 3. If the server crashes during the event you should hurry to log in, otherwise your team may not start again.
    The teams will be scanned to ensure fair play before they jumped in and after they left Dervon System.

    Prize money: 50.000.000$ split by the winning team members.
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