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About the SWAT Portal

The SWAT Portal is a community with long history...

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Who are we?
The SWAT-Portal is a large online community covering many information about several space or science fiction games.
We are also the creators of several Game Mods such as "Blaster Universe" or "Crossfire" which is the most popular mod available for Freelancer since more than 10 years now.

What do we do?
The SWAT-Portal is a community which provides valuable information about 20 space games, we share the experience and provice hint and tipps for those games as well as helping the players with technical problems either game related or PC related. For sure you can also find modding information about Freelancer and other games or request help with your specific problems.
As large online community we also host game servers, clan forums and develop high quality Mods.

How did everything start?
In December 2002 a small group of Starlancer players founded the SWAT Portal. The founding members were: SWAT_OP-R8R, SWAT_XL-R8R, Hawk, Sensemann, Paladin, Werewolf, rBaron and Don_Zardeone.
With Freelancer on the horizon the Portal turned into a multi game community which soon had hundreds of members. Today we count more than 20.000 registered members on our main forums.
In 2010 the Lancer's Reactor (which was the biggest and most important Freelancer and Starlancer community in the past) was included into the SWAT Portal. TLR went through some years of serious troubles before it was intregrated into the SWAT Portal as a secondary community with meanwhile more than 60.000 registered members.

Where you can find us?
The SWAT-Portal is the most frequently used page where you can find us. We also provide further pages and communities for players, clans, guilds and fleets.
SWAT-Portal (http://www.swat-portal.com)
The Lancer's Reactor (http://www.lancersreactor.org)
BloodGuard (http://www.bg.swat-portal.com)
Crossfire Mod (http://www.crossfire.swat-portal.com)
Phoenix Legion (http://www.phoenix-legion.swat-portal.com)

How are we accomplishing what we claim to do?
The SWAT Portal is a community for the users, by the users. Only with the support of our members such a great community can work.