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Yanov Station

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Call Of Pripyat. Jupiter Plant, Yanov Station.
One of the safest places in Jupiter Plant Outskirts, Yanov Station is a shared Duty/Freedom base. Considering that these two groups hate each others' guts, this speaks volumes about how flakking dangerous Jupiter Plant Outskirts are.
Notable inhabitants: Lieutenant Colonel Shulga and Loki (Duty and Freedom local leaders), Hawaiian (Neutral Trader), Nitro (Neutral Mechanic), Bonesetter (Neutral Medic), Beastslayer (Neutral questgiver) Navigator and Garik (Neutral Guides, Garik appears after the way to Pripyat is open), Uncle Yar (Freedom questgiver, later moves to Pripyat as a medic and a mechanic - he was a Freedom mechanic in Clear Sky).

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