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Coollant Unit MkI6 KSpeeds cooling by 30%
Coollant Unit MkII12 KSpeeds cooling by 50%
Coollant Unit MkIII24 KSpeeds cooling by 110%
Coollant Unit MkIV48 KSpeeds cooling by 150%
Auto Repair Unit8 KRepairs everything except armor
Auto Repair Unit MkII16 KSame as above but faster
Afterburner Enhancer MkI4 KIncreases acceleration and top speed by 10%
Afterburner Enhancer MkII8 KInceases acceleration and top speed by 20%
Afterburner Enhancer MkIII14 KInceases acceleration and top speed by 30%
BSE Virus Transmitter12 KTransmites virus to enemies ship
BSE Virus Transmitter MkII18 KSame as above, but better at not being filtered out
BSE Virus Filter6 KDecreases virus effects by 50%
Shield Enhancer MkI7 KSpeeds shield regeneration rate by 50%
Shield Enhancer MkII14 KSpeeds shield regerneration rate by 75%
Shield Enhancer MkIIII25 KSpeeds shield regeneration by 100%
Warp Shields25 K10 Seconds of invulnrability, reloads every time you land
Nuke'em4 KDestroys most ships in local vicinity
Hi-ex Mines15010 Mines
Proximity Mines20010 Mines, explodes when ship enters area
Viral Mines35010 Mines, transmits virus when ship enters area
Decoys MkI40050% chance of deterring missiles
Decoys MkII80075% chance of deterring missiles

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