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Reputation basic info

What it is the Reputation? Reputation speaks about how non-playable characters (NPCs), belonging to many HUMAN or NON-HUMAN (aka Galactic Species) Crossfire factions will treat you, when you meet them in space. They may be FRIENDLY, NEUTRAL or HOSTILE on a sliding scale:
  • Neutral factions may scan your ship and order you to give up your cargo or fight for it.
  • Hostile factions won't bother scanning or warning - they'll attack

    ... for you that focus on trading -> also poorly armed NPCs ships may present real danger! Hostile factions also may not let you land on their bases/planets, and even if you will be allowed to dock, you can't buy equipment or ships from them!

    ... to be ably buy anything from bases (except commodities) you will need to have a good enough reputation with bases/planets owners (min reputation -30 aka -3 bars on graphics table when you press F8).

  • Friendly factions will leave you alone and (if your reputation is good enough) may help you out in a fight.
You as player can(will) have your character affiliated to one from Crossfire factions. How exactly this works and how you can do your own choice can be find in the article Affiliation.

Default scale range for reputation is from -90 to +90, where below -59 you are considered as hostile, from -59 to +59 you are neutral and above +59 you are friendly. In space is your reputation with factions displayed in graphic table (F8). With Crossfire 2.0 will be default reputation scale range reduced for some factions, depending about Role-Play license equipped on player's ships. How exactly will role-play license affect reputation will be in detail updated later in next section.

Reputation with any faction changes every time you interact with another character. If you destroy a Corsair fighter, your reputation with the Corsairs will suffer. Attack their enemies and it will improve again. Or you can "easily" change your reputation with factions by destroying their enemies "storage depots" ... very useful for trains! Storage depots are orbital structures with storage containers which are usually (but not always) floating in space near space stations. Be prepared, while attacking those storage depots, their owners and police/military factions will not look favorably on you and will attack!

Factions are interlinked and have allies and enemies. Destroying an Outcast ship affects your reputation with the Outcasts, of course, but you'll also make enemies of their allies, the Liberty Rogues. At the same time your reputation with the Liberty Police will improve.

Reputation hacking is something that you can often do in bars on planets and stations. For a fee (a bribe, really), you can have your reputation with one faction or another improved; this usually incurs a slight reduction in reputation with some other factions.

Using bribes usually mean serious shift in factions relations so be careful using them. If you need only a slightly improve reputation for one faction, then forget about bribes ...

Those looking for more detailed guides, can find them below (Ultimate, Economy).

05/2015: With some from last changes came possibility to make neutral reputation also with NPCs from Inner Core, because theirs reputation positively react on the Dom'Kawash ships killing.

Roleplay License vs Reputation

Info provided here will be updated as it is a special feature of CF 2.0. In short: when using a Crossfire roleplay license, you will have set limits on how "friendly" you may get to some of the factions. (i.e.: police (player) can't become friendly with criminal factions, pirate (player) can't become friendly with police factions and so on.)

Ultimate Reputation Guide


Hey there, fellow pilots,

well, just as the title says, the purpose of this thread is to show you an easy and time-saving way of achieving "the perfect rep" with all Sirius factions. First of all, what do I mean when i say "the perfect rep"? "The perfect rep" is a state in which all factions are neutral or better, but in a way that no factions' reputation is lower than MIDDLE of the reputation bar. Sounds great, but how to achieve it? Here is my personal favourite recipe:

  1. Start (although it doesn't have to be a new char for this guide to prove successful) as you would start any character you want to trade with, meaning buy Junkers and Zoners Bribes.
  2. Farm (kill a whole bunch of) Blood Dragons until all Kusari factions except Golden Chrysanthemums are on maximum rep - your parameter will be Hogosha, Farmers' Alliance, Samura and Kishiro; once those four are maxed, you can stop farming Dragons.
  3. Farm Red Hessians until all Rheinland factions except LWB, Unioners and Bundschuh (whose rep is already very bad from killing Dragons) - you will boost your Corsairs rep in the process - your parameters here are Daumann, Kruger and Republican Shipping; once those 3 are maxed, you can move further.
  4. Farm Mollys until all Bretonian factions except the Gaians and IMG (Independent Miners' Guild) are maxed, you need to max Bretonia Police, Bretonia Armed Forces, BMM and Border World Exports rep, that is enough.
  5. Farm Xenos until you reputation with the Unioners raises from fully hostile to (at least) just about entering the neutral reputation zone (150-200 is enough).
  6. Buy the following bribes in the following order: Bundschuh -> LWB -> Golden Chrysanthemums -> Mollys
    • Optional stepFor players who do not wish to buy bribes listed under Step 6, the way to achieve practically the same effect is killing about 600-800 additional (added to the 150-200 from Step 5) Xenos so that every terrorist faction reputation that was in the "Hostile" zone after completing Step 4 is around 0 (on the scale from -90 to +90, which are the minimum and maximum possible reputation levels shown via reputation bars). After doing this however, you will NEED TO get another Zoners bribe since you are actually ruining their rep by killing all those Xenos.

  7. When you've bought the bribes (or taken the optional step 6) you can now complete your perfect Sirius rep by fixing the Xenos rep, and to do that you need to kill (combined, a mixture of): Liberty Police, Liberty Navy and Bounty Hunters; continue the process until your Xenos rep is exactly at middle; combine the 3 offered factions for farming to decrease the negative effect on either of them.

  1. You can now not only buy goods for trade anywhere, but you can also PvP and replenish your ammunition on any station in Sirius!
  2. All factions in Sirius +0; ; around 50% of all factions are maxed or near maxed, including Bundschuh, Corsairs, Outcasts, LWB, Blood Dragons, GC, ... Also, my affiliation at the end was: Bundschuh (sweet)!
  3. More than 50 mil credits made just from selling pods collected while going through Steps 1-7

  1. Before you reach step 5, make sure to check your standing with the Synth Foods faction; if it's not friendly (2-3 bars from max), go kill some LWB, because killing Xenos will improve your standing with the LWB, and by killing them after farming Xenos, you would cancel the positive effect that Xenos farming would have on your LWB reputation. The ideal time to farm some 20-30 LWB NPCs would be when going for the Red Hessians, since they're only a system away.
  2. Prior to Step 6, you can also farm Outcasts in moderate amounts, as they have almost no negative effects on your future reputation standings (unless killed in extreme amounts). I recommend killing them enough to fix (reach middle of the reputation bars with) any corporation faction rep before Step 6 that does not benefit from killing Xenos that much or at all (such as Planetform or Cryer Pharmaceuticals) if you need to (have in mind that buying LWB bribe will slightly decrease your rep with Cryer Pharmaceuticals). So, perhaps killing about 50 Outcasts before moving on to Step 6 may be a safe way to go.
  3. Ultimately, you can get another Zoners bribe if available to you (if Zoners are more than 2 bars from the maximum) to fix the Xenos, Bounty Hunters, IMG, GMG and Unioners rep standings a bit (if needed of course) to save yourself some time; since Zoners have no enemies whatsoever, your reputation only improves with their bribes.
  4. When you've gone through all steps, you might need a kill or two here and there to dress up your rep by little with a faction or two. Use Faction Empathy to help you decide the most suitable enemy to kill, in order to preserve or not mess up other reputations that are close to the middle.


Faction Empathy Tutorial

  1. What is Faction Empathy? (... or here on swat-portal in Freelancer wiki)
    • it's an overview of if and how much killing a member NPC of a certain faction in Sirius affects other faction reputations

  2. How does it work?
    • it scales the possible effects from -1.0 to +1.0, with a separate list for every Sirius faction (starting from Liberty Navy, with the minimum possible reputation set at -90, the middle being set at 0, and the maximum being set at +90
    • when you kill any 1 faction NPC in Sirius, your reputation with them drops by 1.0 points, which means that if, f.e., you are +90 (max rep) with Liberty Navy, and you kill 45 of them, your reputation will be "+90-45x1.0=+45" (that part is the same with any human faction - alien races added in the mod have different scales)
    • IMPORTANT! THIS IS ONLY USABLE ON NPCs!!! - killing depots and doing missions scale differently!

  3. So how do I know how much killing f.e. Xenos improves my rep standing with Cryer Pharmaceuticals?
    • to find that out, when you open Faction Empathy page, press "CTRL+F" and it will open a small window for typing in the upper right corner of your screen; click on that area and type the following: "GROUP = Xenos" (with spaces after "GROUP" and "=") - this will instantly take you to the subsection of the article titled "GROUP = Xenos" - that means you are looking at the list of how much and in what way killing a single Xenos NPC will affect your reputation standings with other Sirius factions; if it says "Outcasts, +.25" (meaning +0.25) that means your reputation with Outcasts will grow by 1/4 of the amount it decreases your Xenos rep (remember that every NPC kill decreases that faction's rep directly by 1.0; if it says "Bundschuh, -.10" that means your Bundschuh rep will decrease by 0.1 for every 1 dead Xenos

  4. So, how much does 1 reputation bar represent then?
    • well, since we've established that the maximum rep is +90, and the minimum -90, that leaves us an interval of 180 points to work with; let's divide 180 points on 20 total bars for every faction, that leaves us 180:20=9 - so 1 bar represents 9 points when using Faction Empathy information
    • so, in our example, if you want to improve your reputation with Outcasts by 1 bar on your screen, and you want to do so by killing Xenos, the math looks like this: so, if we want to gain 9 points, and if the scale in this case is +0.25, to improve our reputation by 1 bar we need to kill 9:0,25=36 Xenos; however, it also means that your reputation with the Xenos will decrease by 36x1.0=36:9=4 - 4 bars

See you in space,


Original thread: here

Economy Reputation Guide


... this is how you take a new character, and make your reputation neutral with all the NPCs factions, aside from Nomads. This does not apply to CF specific factions. There is a formula, and that formula has flexibility.

First, you must know what a loot depot is. They are small, destructible objects next to certain bases that drop garbage loot when destroyed. These depots belong to certain factions. Almost all of them in the game belong to corporation factions, with some belonging to the Liberty Police, Bounty Hunters, and Zoners. CF has added Nomads and Xenos Depots in some locations. Each depot has 1-4 pods attached to it... and these pods are what you shoot and destroy, that drop loot.

OPTION 1: 3 Liberty corporation pods, 2 Bretonia corporation pods, and 2 Rheinland corporation pods. This typically translates to...

Now... there are other pods scattered throughout the game, that can be substituted for these. Interspace is considered a liberty corporation, and has a base with pods outside of Planet New London, and at Bonn Station in New Berlin. Dauman Construction has pods at Leipzig station in Dresden. Gateway shipping is a Bretonian corporation, and has pods in New London. BMM has pods at the Tau 32 construction site. You may ask about Kusari... but as you are neutral with Kusari Criminals and Corps alike, there is no need to adjust that Rep.

  • killing Xenos will improve your rep with everyone except Xenos, Zoners and Bundschuh. Zoners will never go hostile because you are killing Xenos, but they will drop to neutral if you start friendly.
  • if your rep ever gets hostile with Zoners, you can bring it back to neutral by destroying Bounty Hunter Guild pods.. and they can be found at the BHG bases in Manchester and Shikoku.
  • Destroying too many pods is a serious issue! It can be hard to come back from that. Not impossible, but hard.
  • Unfortunately, there are no criminal factions (except Xenos) with depots you can destroy to swing their rep down, and corp reps up.
  • More Xenos depots can be found in the Inner Cloud System.

OPTION 2: Destroy 7 pods total (2 liberty police, 1 DSE, 2 BMM, 2 Republican Shipping) and you are neutral with Liberty Rogues, Junkers, Xenos, Gaians, Lane Hackers, Mollys, Outcasts, Corsairs, Unioners, Bundschuh, LWB, Red Hessians, etc.
  • 2 Lib Police pods and 1 DSE pods. You are hitting Liberty harder than the rest, by hitting military and corp pods. You are spreading out the rep hit though, by not just focusing on one or the other. By blowing up these pods, you affect the rep of the criminal factions that operate within liberty space the most... Outcasts, Rogues, Xenos, Junkers, Lane Hackers. YOU ALSO AFFECT THE REPS OF OTHER CRIMINAL FACTIONS. Not as much... but still affected. You don't need to blow up more Liberty assets at this point. For a number of reasons. One, the more you destroy from one specific faction, the more damage it does to your rep. Meaning the 4th pod you blow up for DSE, does more rep damage than the 3rd pod you blew up.

  • 2 BMM pods. These are to make the Mollys and Corsairs neutral. Can you do it with other pods? Yes. However, hitting BMM will reduce the hostility of Mollys and Corsairs MORE than any other pods... and it will affect other corporations LESS. Sure, you could use Interspace pods instead of BMM pods... but blowing up those Interspace pods will damage your rep MORE with all the other House factions, because Interspace has a presence in the other House systems. So, the rep hit across the boards isn't worth it. If there are no BMM pods at Southampton, it is better to fly to the Tau 31 construction site in Tau 23 and blow up two of those BMM pods, than it is to use Interspace as a substitute. You could use Gateway Shipping as a substitute, but it would take 4 pods instead of 2... and the rep hit across the boards would be greater.

  • 2 Republican Shipping. This is to make the Red Hessians and the Unioners and Bundschuh neutral. Killing the Rheinland Corporation has the greatest effect on Criminals that operate in Rheinland space. You could use Interspace pods, but you will take a rep hit across ALL the house corps and military. If there are no Republican Shipping pods, it is better to use Dauman (another Rheinland Corp) pods at the Leipzig station in Dresden.

Original thread: here.

Comments 3

  • User Avatar

    wombat1940 -

    Thanks Martind for a great thread. I followed your procedure to the letter and obtain the expected results. All except the "Independent Miners Guild" which remained enemy red. I would have hope this faction would have become at least neutral. All my other remaining red enemies are alien linked as expected.

    • User Avatar

      wombat1940 -

      Fixed it: Bought a bribe to fix my IMG negative status. Took a hit with the Corsairs, Outcasts and BAF but it didn't send them red so all is ok. Thanks again.

  • User Avatar

    Zaddiq -

    what does your reputation need to be to buy equipment from a faction?

    • User Avatar

      Martind Forlon -

      'the worst' -3 bars if you look on factions list, when press F8. This info is also above in article.

  • User Avatar

    Martind Forlon -

    swat-portal.com/forum/cms/inde…ki/freelancer/reputation/ is for FL, but could be interesting