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Crossfire Wiki

You can find all information about installing the Crossfire Mod in our FAQ. There is explained in detail, how you install the mod, how some security settings of the PC must be set up and like most problems can be avoided. You can save yourself a lot of headaches and nerves if you follow the instructions given there.

At the moment the Crossfire Wiki mostly contains data from the Crossfire mod 1.9 and this means that some ships location are not valid. Also new jump holes are not marked and not all new mod features are described. The amount of changes which were done to the mod were massive (1.9 -> 2.0) and we simply need some time for updates. This at least gives you the opportunity to explore the universe on your own and find out yourself "What is all new?".

Help Topics

Planned updates

  • Troubleshooting (will be rebuild for CF 2.0)
  • Equipment updates for CF 2.0
  • Ships updates for CF 2.0
  • Features updates for CF 2.0

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