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Articles by “AZ09” 1

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  • Data Classification PDAT-378. Release of fragmented report by order of CI-311. Report of Incident #00139 and datafile #0001 received by Special Operations Receiver Alice Valent. Report As followed:
    -Known to suffer delusions or even hallucinations. &*(##$&^! [ERROR UNKNOWN LINK BREAKAGE. IFF ID FINDER OFFLINE. Target Codenamed ARUS]
    -It Would seem I need to have a word with a *#$%%$^ on carrier. [ERROR SECURITY BREACH ATTEMPTS DETECTED ON RAGNAROK-359. Pilot: [GR]AZ09]
    -Probably. I think **$^&#^@ modify ^^#&*$(@) Air Synthesizer. Running diagnostics. -ARUS [ERROR UNKNOWN VIRUS DETECTED]
    -*#&@*@ bombs in ship,sabotage,*#&$^@!? attempted to hack #*$ ship. -AZ
    -Locating transmitters. I know #&@^^% Canteent requested IC specimens. @#^$&% Hacking attacks*#&$ in IC.*&#^$% target life support.Currently in exoprotection suit. Canteen@!? ghost are related to any Inner Core aliens.- ARUS
    -(#&$ in combat assault gear,#($&@@! used for assault missions on unknown environments. -AZ
    -DRIC has…