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  • Ajay's Story 2.0: "Truth I Couldn't Bare Part II"

    -Okay, now explain the stop in Sigma 17? - Flyagin asked.
    -I donated some guns to a friend - I replied.
    We were sitting in Stranger's cockpit, awaiting launch sequence.
    And I still couldn't quite shake off the shock. The Datapad Of Doom, I have to admit, was nearly too much for me to handle. Though to be fair I always knew [DATA EXPUNGED] was a b_tch.
    And now Flyagin needed a safe, secluded station as far away from human space as possible. Well, I knew one such station...
    -Maybe Lost Paradise is worth considering? - he asked.
    -Still Sirius, also it's Nomad space. The Order might get interested in it. No, Canteen, I have a better idea.
    We flew from there to Omega 3 without landing, where I landed the ship on GMG observatory to set a location point in an Emergency Warp Drive and then used the Hypergate.

    -I wish we had the Baneblade here - my CO said as we passed a Savage battleship with escorts in Venn.
    -I agree - I said. - Maybe Great…