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  • "Good morning, sir. Do You know about the latest Gallnet news about the Pleiades region?", has asked me Deborah, once I have entered the offices in the Marsden City in Yaroklis. She continued, "it looks like there are now three Aegis stations badly damaged by some newly discovered Thargoids variant called Medusa, and all these stations must be evacuated. Damage must be really bad, normally are these stations able supply inhabitants also in the state of construction or big reconstruction."

    Forlon remained silent for few minutes, while he was checking latest news from the region. "OK, it looks that they may really need help from everyone who can be available. We have here some obligations like usual, but I hope that Ryan will not kill me, if we will spent some time with helping evacuate people there. Please start immediately preparing the Dark Queen for emergency operations. Armament will be anti-human, I still consider "humans" threat for such operation higher as are aliens. We do