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The best source for Scifi Games on the net

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    on >Wing Commander News< was published:

    LOAF found a really cool Privateer 2 article from the German magazine PC Player. It dates back to August 1995 during the early development phases of the game, and the feature includes some cool behind-the-scenes set photos from the game. Check out the nose art on that Kalrechi too! Although you might not be able to read the text, the pics are neat! And if any German WC fans wouldn't mind transcribing or summarizing the article, please hit the Comment link!
    Source: http://www.wcnews.com/index.shtml#14036
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    on >Mass Effect< was published:

    Just this month, we celebrated the fantastic world of Mass Effect with BioWare to commemorate 10 wonderful years of a stunning franchise. Just because it is no longer November 7th doesn&#8217;t mean we can&#8217;t still celebrate, and to keep the party going former BioWare animator Jonathan Cooper has a few surprising Tweets to show off his own homage.

    Among the 10 facts he posted about the game came an the revelation about the Ricky Gervais&#8217; Extras inspiration behind the camera angles he used, &#8220;the close over-the-shoulder camera style I used for conversations in Mass Effect was inspired primarily by Ricky Gervais&#8217; Extras.&#8221; Hilarious and now we can&#8217;t unsee it.

    Another interesting little tid-bit he revealed included a heated debate (that he eventually won) regarding the interactive conversations:

    BioWare traditionally used black bars to denote interactive conversations, but we won a

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    on >Star Citizen< was published:



    November 21, 2862 SET

    Claiming Space: The Race for Land

    For over eighty years, the Planetary Development Bureau (PDB) has been working with local authorities to not only oversee the zoning of building plots, but to mediate and supervise the sale of land claims for commercial and private use. This vital agency has become such a commonplace part of our lives that its importance is often overlooked today. Rather than tallying up all of the Bureau’s accomplishments in regulating this important aspect of the Empire’s growth, the best way to demonstrate the agency’s past legacy and current significance is to look back at the turbulent history of what land claims were like before the PDB’s founding.

    As Humans first began to spread throughout the Sol system in the early 22nd century, disputes over land claims were common and would frequently escalate into

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