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The Char got banned

Reported by thanhrui - - Crossfire Mod


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Help with deleted character

Reported by dented_ship - - Crossfire Mod


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Launcher won't update and no shader options at all.

Reported by Raven Darkmoon - - Crossfire Mod


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Character restoration

Reported by Juiceman - - Crossfire Mod


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Reported by SpYrOcK - - Crossfire Mod


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    on >Wing Commander News< was published:

    The Animated Times is running one of those list articles that the kids today love: "15 Video Game Cartoons You Totally Forgot." Wing Commander Academy makes the list, at #15:

    The Wing Commander franchise made a splash when it debuted in 1990, but it was never a series that burned up the sales charts. This, however, didn’t stop the USA Network from turning the space combat games into a short lived cartoon in 1996.

    Serving as a prequel to Wing Commander, Wing Commander Academy followed a group of recruits as they attended the titular Academy and learned the ins and outs of space combat. The series featured a stacked voice cast, featuring the likes of Mark Hamill, Malcom McDowell and Ron Perlman, and even managed to crossover with the Street Fighter cartoon and Mortal Kombat cartoon during its brief run. Despite these impressive credentials, Wing Commander Academy had its plug pulled after a single season.


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    on >Star Trek Online< was published:

    General: Resolved an issue that would cause an occasional crash related to gear score calculations. Added missing icons to journal entries for Yesterday's War arc.   Beyond the Nexus: Geordi La Forge will now regenerate shields after a short time. Updated the uniforms for the "modern" Starfleet Officers to use the Odyssey standard.   Systems: Resolved an issue that was causing Dual Heavy Cannons to suffer an excessive Accuracy Rating Penalty under Cannon: Scatter Volley III  Resolved an issue that prevented EPS Corruption from being activated when cloak was disabled.
    Source: /en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10649724-pc-patch-notes-for-9%2F21%2F17
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    on >Eve Online (CCP Falcon)< was published:

    Want to know more about Project Discovery and how to contribute to real world science via EVE Online? Check out this newly released video and get to analyzing for in-game rewards and the feelsgoodman benefit of helping the scientific search for planets beyond our solar system!

    Also, three members from the Project Discovery team exoplanets will be hosting an AMA (ask me anything) on /r/science tomorrow, Thursday 21st, beginning at 2pm UTC. Wayne Gould (astronomer at the Geneva Observatory), Attila Szantner (founder and CEO of Massively Multiplayer Online Science), and CCP’s Hjalti Leifsson will be on hand for a couple hours to answer questions about the search for exoplanets, the science behind it, integrating citizen science into video games, and the future of crowdsourcing science.

    If you are one of the EVE players who have already submitted one of over 38.3 million player classifications of

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