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The best source for Scifi Games on the net

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  • Not confirmed

Banned from Server

Reported by Atomic - - Crossfire Mod

By dented_ship

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Pods for sale in Alaska

Reported by kalu - - SWAT Portal

By (IOC)Wanderer

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  • Not confirmed


Reported by pokeycarp5737 - - Crossfire Mod



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    on >Wing Commander News< was published:

    Happy Earth Day, everyone! There are certainly important issues facing the world today… but let’s take a moment to jump forward and see what disastrous await our home planet in the Wing Commander timeline! Soon Earth itself will be in our grasp...

    2219 - The Great Pandemics

    The Confederation Handbook tells us that in 2219, the first in a series of Great Pandemics strikes. The disease completely destroys Luna Station and results in a 204-year quarantine of Earth itself. Isolated from the expanding solar system, Earth was ravaged by disease and famine, both of which were compounded by a crippled biosphere and a shortage of fossil fuels. Traditional farming became impossible, with the only source of food for the population being self-contained hydroponics stations. The planet became increasingly reliant on the goodwill of the Outer Planets to provide the fuel and material resources needed for these stations,

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    on >Star Trek Online< was published:

    Arc will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance at 7 AM PT on April 24th, 2017. The maintenance will be for approximately 3 hours. Our engineers will be performing server updates and upgrades. Each game may be impacted differently during this scheduled maintenance. All Beijing games West will be down during the entire maintenance. No new players will be able to log into these titles on East or European servers, but players already logged in when maintenance begins will still be able to play.  Cryptic games: New players will not be able to login to Cryptic games via the Arc client, but the Cryptic launcher will still work. Players already in-game during maintenance will not be affected.   Gigantic and Blacklight Retribution will both be completely down during the entire maintenance window.  Arcgames.com will be down.  If additional time is needed, we will provide up-to-date information

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