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    on >Mass Effect< was published:

    Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release in a few weeks. While that is exciting all on its own, we keep getting more and more details about the upcoming title in the popular space RPG franchise. BioWare&#8217;s own Ian S. Frazier is the latest employee to cough up a few of those precious tidbits. Recently, Frazier took to Twitter to reveal a few details on the software side of things, like the day one patch and the game&#8217;s file size.

    The highly anticipated game went gold on February 24, meaning that initial development has been completed and it is ready for consumers to… consume. While you won’t want to eat the game, you’ll certainly want to play it when it comes out on March 21. However, through Ian’s Twitter session, we have learned that there will be a day one patch and a “good portion” of the team is working hard on ensuring it is ready by launch. Frazier even said it will be ready for those

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    on >Wing Commander News< was published:

    Early inn Freedom Flight, Hunter opines that "species didn’t seem to matter; wherever there were fliers, there seemed to be a bar..." and Privateer's Gemini Sector seems to be ample proof! Every one of the game's regular bases features a variety of services; some boast ship dealers, others different guild halls... but every single one includes a bar in which the player can stop to hear news and rumors from a friendly bartender.

    Privateer initially shipped on six 1.44 mb diskettes, which meant that there was no chance for the game to ever include 59 different sets of facial animations. Like other titles before the advent of the CD-ROM, Privateer had to fight for every bit, reusing and recombining art wherever possible to save space. Just as the game reuses base and ship art for different purposes, it uses just nine 'talking heads' to represent the bartenders at 59 bases!

    Now, prepare to impress your friends

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