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The best source for Scifi Games on the net

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Saturn has Lost its Rings

Reported by |TSH| ***Tribbs*** - - Crossfire Mod

By |TSH| ***Tribbs***

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FLHook Clan System commands

Reported by Portalearth - - Crossfire Mod

By Huor

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  • Not confirmed

Server kicks

Reported by Martind Forlon - - Crossfire Mod

By Ajay


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    on >Star Citizen< was published:

    << ERROR………>>

    The signal is live, so prepare to be boarded. Jester is blowin’ the hatch and blastin’ anything that moves with some burning hot B0otyCall to the skull.

    I gotta admit, 2947 has been off to a rough start. Really taking my rucksack through the wringer. Bit embarrassing really, but if I can’t shake out my unmentionables on my own transmission what’s even the point? Okay, here it goes — it turns out your wily friend Jester got himself a bounty on his head.

    It’d be one thing if it was for one of my decent jobs. You know, one of the scores I’m always jaggin’ on about here. But the damn thing is, I was fingered for an overdue landing fee that I skipped on two years ago. Turns out I accidentally used an old alias in Asura that I had meant to burn. Now, I’m not new at this, so luckily I had all my alerts

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    on >Star Trek Online< was published:

    “General Rodek, the Lukari is here early. Shall I keep him waiting until the proper time?” Rodek looked up from a series of training reports and regarded his attache coldly. “No, Lieutenant,” he said icily. “You shall not. You will also show proper respect to Colonel Taanu, at all times. I will consider any further disrespect as… dishonorable.” The elder officer watched as the younger Klingon squirmed noticeably under his gaze.  “Am I understood?” “Yes, General!” “Good. Show the colonel in, then. Afterward, you will report to Commander K’Davh for disciplinary combat drills. Four hours.” “Y-yes, General.”  The junior officer carried out his orders, and moments later, Rodek found himself face to face with one of the leaders of the Lukari Security Force. Colonel Taanu was a tall, imposing figure – even to a seasoned Klingon warrior. He briskly stood at attention
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    on >Star Trek Online< was published:

     Along with many other improvements, Season 12 will see the introduction of the Kits and Modules Research School. This new R&D School gives Captains the ability to craft Kit Modules, Kits, and other resources to assist them in ground-based missions. Captains may choose what Mark to create new Modules and Kits at, which determines the required materials and difficulty to craft the item. Progressing through the school increases your crafting skill, unlocking access to higher level tasks and giving a greater chance of critical success to your efforts. New Items Reaching certain levels within the Kits and Modules Research School unlocks access to new items, titles, and traits unavailable through other methods. At level 5, Captains unlock access to the “Novice Technologist” title, and may start crafting Basic Kits and Modules Tech Upgrades. This new type of Tech Upgrade can be used to increase the

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