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The best source for Scifi Games on the net

Unread error reports & Suggestions

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  • Not confirmed

Tour de Universe: Freeport 7 system doesn't register

Reported by Apache - - Crossfire Mod

By Huor

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  • Not confirmed

Tour de Universe

Reported by denne - - Crossfire Mod

By Apache

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  • Not confirmed

Wrong hardpoint locations on Guardian VHF

Reported by Apache - - Crossfire Mod

By Apache

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Cargospace for BS can go to negative numbers

Reported by Martind Forlon - - Crossfire Mod

By Martind Forlon

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Mainz Storage Facility

Reported by Soul Eater - - Crossfire Mod

By Martind Forlon

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  • Arraen has had a busy summer adding lots> of Confed ships to his strategy mod. Now it's time to start bulking up the Kilrathi fleet, and fans have been clamoring for a Fralthi to give the kat forces some muscle. The shot below is the first teaser of the new enemy light cruiser in the game. You can see it fly by in motion here (19 MB gif).
    Work in progress.Small teaser for Fralthi cruiser of Kilrathi Empire

  • It's time for the lucky and talented winners from Saturday night's party to claim their prizes. If you're one of the folks listed below, please submit your IRC name, real name and address now. If you had an unclaimed item from a prior year's party, now's the time to get in touch with us. A couple people we've talked to in the last few weeks are already covered and their items will go out with the batch below. Congrats again to the winners! If you couldn't make the party this year, we'll have the log up soon.
    • CIC Glass - Vinman
    • CIC Mystery Future Product - DaveO
    • CIC Polo Shirt (sumbit size) - FekLeyrTarg
    • Confed Replica Patch - Whistler
    • TCS Eisen T-Shirt (submit size) - Music_guru
    • WC Academy DVD set - Whistler, Capi (donated by DaveO)
    • WC CCG Starter Box - Capi, Pedro (x2)
    • WC Movie Bluray - Music_guru
    • WC Movie iTunes - Music_guru
    • WC Movie Soundtrack iTunes - Capi

  • How broke is it?

    That title/comment isn’t directed at Star Trek Online. It’s context for this rather long post.

    In varying roles over my career, I have heard that comment more than a few times. It’s cringe worthy. In a recent case it came from an engineer refereeing to a problem unconnected to what we make, but that in the media, we most certainly would be seen as being a part of. Such is the fun of a publically traded company.

    When something works for the majority, sometimes the problems that impact the minority are overlooked. From a financial standpoint, companies make a business choice. When you look at a quality brand, that decision isn’t even a consideration. It’s something your actively work to avoid.

    I’m lucky. I work for one such company.

    The relevancy of that argument holds sway with any company that produces a product. The real question is whether they listen and can actually act

    The Letter

    22 days ago a player with significant experience in the game, and an established

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