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Unread error reports & Suggestions

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Account banned

Reported by Chaser - - Crossfire Mod


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  • Not confirmed

Stuck in the Osiris

Reported by Ravenguard - - Crossfire Mod

By Ravenguard

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  • Not confirmed

Docking issues

Reported by Martind Forlon - - Crossfire Mod


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  • Not confirmed

odd file shdocvw.dll is version 6.0.2600.0000 and Swedish ?

Reported by SilverFox - - Crossfire Mod

By SilverFox

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  • Not confirmed

Order cruiser troubled dock with gates

Reported by Martind Forlon - - Crossfire Mod
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  • New


    “Tide of Ice"

    Players can now gain winter trinkets by participating in any wave by entering the “Tide of Ice” area and selecting the prompt "Join the Battle."

    This must be done and participate through to the end of the event in order to gain completion credit.
    This will also allow credit to complete the Accolade "A Line in the Snow."
    New Winter Event items will continue to not require completion of “Tide of Ice” to purchase.

    Resolved an issue that prevented the 3 piece Unspeakable Energy bonus from working on the Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser.
    The Elachi Subspace Rift Module can now be unequipped from a kit.
    Duty Officer Packs:

    Removed Powered/Unpowered Artifacts and Mark XII Consoles from all Duty Officer Packs as these are now obsolete with the new Research and Development system.
    Added new bonus items to the Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Pack such as:

    Stack of Gamma Quadrant commodities
    A stack of Embassy, Dilithium Mine,…
  • New

    Fan Spotlight: Streamers Volume 3

    As we enter the holiday season we’d like to highlight a few of those who continue to show their love for Star Citizen each and every day. Of course I’m talking about the streamers! Day in and day out they go out there and show off the latest patches, updates, and share the game with viewers. So today we’re going to highlight a few of our favorites.


    We’re going to start with the one and only BadNewsBaron. Claiming to run the “Best Damn Star Citizen Stream Ever”, BadNewsBaron plays Star Citizen on a daily basis and includes a few characters such as Darth Vader and Fancy Baron. Always joined by his pink unicorn Fluffy, BadNewsBaron is an entertaining stream for backers, new and old.

    Check out his stream!


    Next up is another popular streamer, WTFOSAURUS! A member of both Bearded Elite and the weekly Star Citizen podcast, StarCast, WTFOSAURUS has gone above and beyond to introduce people to the ‘verse and keep them updated
  • New

    Join STO Community Manager CaptainSmirk this Friday, December 19th at 12PM PDT (click here for your local timezone) for our next Star Trek Online Livestream Broadcast of a trip to Q's Winter Wonderland to play with any brave Captains who want to take on the threat of the Ice Borg, eat some pies, and maybe even run some Fast & The Flurious! But that's not all...

    Elachi Dreadnought Giveaway!

    We will also be taking a tour of our newest Elachi ship, the Sheshar Dreadnought! We will give you a run through it's stats, as well as the Console set bonus, and we can check it's Bridge to see if we find any of those evil Elachi maturation chambers!

    We will also be granting an Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought as our grand prize at the end of the Livestream to one lucky winner!*

    Duty Officer Pack Giveaway!

    We have multiple stacks of each type of Duty Officer Packs to giveaway during our show, to celebrate the return of our retired DOff Packs. Don't miss your chance to see what new Duty Officers…

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