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Unread error reports & Suggestions

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  • Not confirmed

leaving base cause crash

Reported by courts123au - - Crossfire Mod

By omarbill

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  • Not confirmed

Nephele jump gate/hole in Inner Cloud

Reported by (IOC)Wanderer - - Crossfire Mod


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  • Not confirmed

Extra symbols ":/" appear in chat when using /s, /l and /g commands

Reported by (IOC)Wanderer - - Crossfire Mod

By Huor

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  • Not confirmed

not new update related problems.

Reported by tsh kermit - - Crossfire Mod


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Reported by tsh kermit - - Crossfire Mod


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  • New


    Added a few exclusive Federation-only Costumes to the Special Items section of the Dilithium Store including:

    22nd Century MACO Uniform
    The Wrath of Khan Excursion Jacket
    The Wrath of Khan Engineer Vest
    The Wrath of Khan Captain’s Vest

    Resolved an issue where when crouching while wearing the 23rd Century EV Suit, a helmet piece would float above the captain’s head.
    Resolved an issue where players could not claim the Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort on characters on an account which had unlocked it during the Summer Event.
    Resolved an issue where the Clear Button was not fully functioning for Keybind Options.
    The following windows no longer enables the mouse cursor while in Shooter Mode:

    The Need or Greed loot window
    Media Control window
    Queue PvE Cooldown window


    Miner Instabilities:

    Resolved an issue where groups of enemies were not de-spawning correctly if the team only went in one direction.
    Added Miner Instabilities in the…
  • New

    Tarnh managed to keep his footing as the latest barrage of enemy phaser fire sheared through what was left of his ship’s port shields. The blood-red lighting of his command bridge fluctuated for a moment before dropping, leaving the room shrouded in eerie blackness. As emergency power flowed and light returned, Tarnh turned to face Girra, his executive officer. Her face was grim as she met his eyes over her tactical console. He’d seen that look before, just once, when they were locked in battle with the Klingons in 2408. That assignment nearly cost them their lives, just as this one seemed likely to.

    “Report,” Tarnh called to Girra as he stamped the console release panel beneath him – that last hit had knocked out his holographic command unit. Time to do this the old-fashioned way, he thought bitterly as the console began to rise. Buttons and panels.

    “Restoring partial power to the port shield, Leader,” Girra replied, nearly shouting over the din of battle. “New signal…

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