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SWAT Portal

The best source for Scifi Games on the net

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  • Not confirmed

Account banned 22-10-2016

Reported by ringotwin - - Crossfire Mod

By SilverFox

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  • Not confirmed

issue after change name

Reported by thanhrui - - Crossfire Mod

By thanhrui

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  • Not confirmed

Trapped in Trenton Outpost's Bay #1

Reported by Mesachie Man - - Crossfire Mod

By |TSH| ***Tribbs***

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    Elite Dangerous: Horizons - The Guardians

    At 25.10.2016 was released impatiently awaited the second update for season 2 called "The Guardians" and at 28.10.2016 first small, but imo quite important patch 2.2.01. I have so far only very few hours experience with 2.2.01, but feelings are mainly very positive. The most noticeable the 1st moment change is, that game works visibly smoother, waiting times for open some menus (like mission board or maps) are gone or significantly reduced. The time I had available for play allowed only very brief testing for ship launched fighters (SLF) which I really enjoyed, especially if they are used on big and slow Anaconda. I also did my first passengers transport and saw only very tiny sample from new gaming options they are offering. There are also ships and equipment transport with possibility storing equipment, which makes play much pleasant and much more. If there were in first season questions like: what I should do in this game?, now

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