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    Welcome to the SWAT Portal
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SWAT Portal

The best source for Scifi Games on the net


  • During a Kernel Update this night there was a malfunction of one of the HDDs on the SWAT Main webserver.
    The HDD meanwhile got replaced and no data was lost

    The few hours downtime has lead to market problems on the CF server which also should be fixed meanwhile (Freelancer restart is required).
    Server statistics and player lists will update tomorrow.

    Websites of the SWAT network should be a bit slower than usual at the moment as they require to do daily updates and maintenance now.
    In a few hours everything should be normal again.
  • Like every year Id like to loose a few words about the year which is reaching its end today.
    Well, it was a relative calm year when i look back. No major catastrophes, relative small troubles over the entire year. Thats good.
    The community held together and helped each other and of course new players. Thank you for that.

    2013 also was the year where Crossfire got its 7th Mod of the Year nomination which is certainly a milestone for us. No other Freelancer mod and I also believe no other mod in general managed to get to this point. Thank you for all your votes.
    Speaking of Crossfire the year 2013 was also an incredible time and work intense year.
    I think only Huor really knew how much I was trying to push the development of Crossfire 2.0 since May/June in order to reach a state where we can discuss about a "release" and he also has spent such an incredible amount of work on the mod that I just want to say thank you. Thank you also to the other people which helped... on the mod and on…

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SWAT Portal is the oldest existing "Lancer community".