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The best source for Scifi Games on the net


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    Electronic Arts' Origin service has announced its newest On The House game, Crusader: No Remorse! Crusader is an Origin Systems isometric shooter renowned for its rich setting, interactive environments and exciting action. After two games were released in the series, its lead designer, Tony Zurovec, left Origin to found Digital Anvil with Chris Roberts and now works on Star Citizen at Cloud Imperium Games Austin. The team that was left behind at OSI actually went on to develop Privateer 3, which was unfortunately cancelled before release.

    There were quite a few Crusader crossovers and easter eggs in Wing Commander over the years. The series' World Economic Consortium appears in Secret Ops fiction, Star*Soldier included a movie poster for the canceled Crusader: No Mercy project and even more complex tie-ins were sprinkled around various Origin franchises. This makes the second Origin Systems classic to show up in the Origin service's high profile giveaway spot out of just eight

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    Howard Day has posted a slick animation of his Drak'thli. The ship was originally designed by Feng Zhu, who was commissioned to create concept art for an unreleased Wing Commander game that would have occurred after Secret Ops. Although it's not exactly like any other Kilrathi vessel that appears in the game, it fits into the WC3-era design scheme extremely well. Star Citizen's Vanduul fighter also plays off the large asymmetrical wing motif - the idea certainly had lots of promise. If you're working a project that could use a fresh new Kilrathi craft, Howard's 3DS model is availablt here.
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    ExtraLife Gaming Charity Event on November 1st, 2014 Perfect World Entertainment is proud to announce our participation in this year's ExtraLife Gaming Charity Event benefiting the Children's Hospital Network. Join our Star Trek Online crew this November 1st, 2014 for two broadcasts devoted to this event, with our time slots and time zone conversion listed below. STO Community Manager CaptainSmirk will be bringing you live gameplay of some of the newest content to hit Star Trek Online with our newest expansion, Delta Rising. Join us as we run some of the latest Featured Episodes and PvE events to show off all that is in the Delta Quadrant, all while wishing the best to the kids benefited from this charity drive. We will have several game teams playing Neverwinter, Champions Swordsman and more, both on 10/25 and 11/01. Our crews will join forces to be active in chat, on camera and on our social media channels to promote these events. We will also be granting prizes during our…

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